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Exterior Detailing Toronto

The Exterior Detail Package offered at INKAS Design provides our clients with the best car detailing GTA has to offer. We detail your car with a three-stage paint correction and clean every inch of the vehicle. We thoroughly clean the wheel wells and remove microscopic contaminants. The engine compartment is thoroughly cleaned as well. We finish the Exterior Detail Package off with a minor scratch removal polish. Perfect for those who need their car to stand out from the crowd during car shows and auctions. Let us help you accomplish your specific detailing needs. Book our Detailing Toronto service today!

auto detailing toronto
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Interior Detailing Toronto

INKAS Design offers detailing services to take your vehicles interior cleanliness to the next level. We work meticulously to detail every inch of your cabins interior and this package brings out the best in your interior. We begin this package with a steam cleaning of the seats and carpets. We proceed to polish every internal plastic component as well as any panels inside the cabin. The Interior Detail Package is great for vehicles that need a full recharge of the interior or for the driver who enjoys having an immaculately cleaned vehicle. Ask us for a free quote for your vehicle.


Basic Wash and Detail
$ 199
Starting From*
  • Exterior Wash & Wax
  • Interior Wipe Down
  • Vacuum, Vent Steam Clean
  • Rims, Wheel Wells, Door Jambs


Full Interior & Exterior Detail
$ 399
Starting From*
  • Silver Package Features
  • Interior Shampoo Extraction
  • Advanced Engine Wash
  • Headlight Restoration +PPF


Full Car Detail + Polish
$ 599
Starting From*
  • Gold package Features
  • Paint Correction
  • Ceramic Rain Application
  • Ceramic Leather Protection

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Full auto detail is a service that includes deep cleaning, including interior detailing, and exterior detailing. The detailers will vacuum the interior, wash the mats, clean the glass, and wipe the dashboard. Next, they will move to the exterior, cleaning every crevice for a spotless look. They will polish the vehicle and polish the paint, finishing with a proper sealant for a shiny look.

A car wash will clean only the dirt and debris on your vehicle. Detailing includes an extensive scope of services, and car washing is only one of them. The process doesn’t focus on cleaning only but preserving your car’s value and restoring the showroom look.

Exterior detailing doesn’t only include car washing. The service consists of washing, claying, polishing, and sealing to make your car showroom ready. On the other hand, interior detailing refers to vacuuming, steam cleaning, glass cleaning, and dashboard polishing.

  • Exterior car detailing includes washing the external components with the utmost attention to detail. The service extends to cleaning the engine compartment. Also, the surface will be polished to remove the minor scratches, finishing off with a sealant for the showroom gloss.
  • Interior car detailing refers to cleaning the interior cabinet. The process includes vacuuming, steaming, glass cleaning, leather trimming, and perfuming.

You are advised to remove any personal items or removable content from the car, including the storage compartments. This step will speed up the process, allowing detailers to clean every cranny and nook thoroughly.

The price depends on your vehicle’s size and the type of detailing you want to get done. Expect to pay from $110 to $130 for a small car, while a larger vehicle with seven seats will cost between $160 and $220. Discuss the package with your auto detailer to get to know more about what is included in the service.