Car Interior PPF

Paint Protection Film is used for much more than protecting just the exterior paint of your vehicle. Thanks to its unique properties and characteristics, the transparent film can also be used in the car’s interior to protect against unwanted scratches on delicate surfaces inside the vehicle. 

Interior PPF Application

There are several places where you can install PPF inside the interior cabin. Let’s take a look at the most common ones here:

Touchscreen Display Screens

The most common area where you will see PPF inside a car is on the touchscreen displays. Due to their nature, the screens receive a lot of wear and can be unintentionally scratched with your nails, keys, or other sharp objects. Even the dust that settles on the screen can be harmful. So, many car owners use PPF to safeguard their displays.

Center Console, Buttons, Knobs, & Dials

The second most important area to protect is the center console. Since this is where all the buttons, dials and knobs are located, this area is very likely to get a few scratches from day-to-day use. Thankfully, with PPF you can maintain the gleam and shine of the polished black or carbon fiber elements.


While the dashboard in most cars is plastic or leather which do not require any PPF for protection, high-end luxury vehicles often feature premium polished plastic or wood paneling. To protect the shine and luxury of the finish, these components need to be protected, and the only way to do that is by applying a high-quality PPF film.

Door Panels

The other place you are most likely to unintentionally damage is the door panel area. Here, there are plenty of buttons and toggles to help you control the windows and doors. You can keep these controls nice and shiny by using PPF transparent film.

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