Car Vinyl Wrap

Colour Change Vinyl Wraps

While not a new industry, wrapping is still not widely known. It’s obvious that car vinyl wrap Toronto can completely change the look and feel of your car but it also protects the paintwork, essentially sealing it from the elements. Change your mind about the color? Want to sell the vehicle? Simply remove the vinyl and the original paintwork is unmarked and preserved. And it’s not just for new cars either. If you’ve found a used vehicle that is perfect in every aspect except the color then we can fix that as long as the paintwork is free of any major imperfections.

car vinyl wrap Toronto
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Partial Vinyl Wraps / Custom Graphics

Vinyl Car Wrap in Toronto can be subtle, you can change some elements of the car, draw attention to a particular aspect of the car or it can be as bold as your courage allows. You can achieve a finish and color that is simply not possible with paint.

Do you have an existing idea or design? Or maybe you can’t imagine what your car could look re-styled or with advertising signage? Our in-house graphics team can help bring your dreams to life.

Chrome Delete / Trim Wrap

Our Chrome Delete Package prices include material & labor. We do a full chrome delete and it includes covering your chrome window trim and side view mirrors in your choice of vinyl Glossy Black, Satin Black, or Matte Black.

Premium Chrome Delete details include removal and painting of emblems and or other shiny objects that are impossible to wrap. This can be done in paint or in Plasti Dip. (Depending on your future plans for the vehicle).

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Get a Quote for your car

Please let us know more about your vehicle so we can give you an accurate vinyl wrap quote.

You can also call us at 416-677-9878, we can answer all of your questions.

Our Quality Guarantee

We truly believe that you get what you pay for. Our company does not price match nor are we affected by companies that charge less. We work in a low volume environment and are not aiming to quantity but quality

We focus on providing the highest degree of installation excellence; thus, our pricing structure reflects this.

On the other hand, we are not mobile and have shop expenses including insurance, professional licenses… that most “installers” don’t carry.  Our shop is monitored 24/7 by cameras and we are able to work in the best environment possible adapted to 3m car wrap installation. We have a proven track record with hundreds of full wraps since 2011.

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