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Interior Ceramic Coating

How does it feel when you start your morning with a fresh cup of coffee on your way to work, and you accidentally spill your coffee all over your car? We know! And we have a great solution how to save your day if it ever happens to you. Ceramic Coating!
When the ceramic coating is applied to your leather, upholstery, or plastic interior, it repels the liquids spilled, and it rolls off without staining the material. After ceramic coating application, the material retains its natural feel with a shiny look. It is an excellent option for those who travel with pets or kids in the car often.

Industry standard

INKAS Design only makes use of top industry-leading brands such as IGL, CeramicPro and XPel Ceramic Coatings in order to ensure premium quality application and optimal results. We’re one of the leading ceramic coating providers and actively service vehicles from all GTA cities from Whitby, Oshawa, Ajax to Milton, Oakville and Burlington. 

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