Commercial Wraps

Businesses can leverage their work vehicles and company fleets for marketing purposes thanks to commercial wraps. Picture a UPS or FedEx van – they usually don’t have a monochrome paint job, but rather, you will see two or more colours combined to reflect the company’s branding. That is a commercial wrap, and it’s done so that the vans can stand out and people can distinguish them from different companies.

Several fleet owners and trucking businesses opt to use commercial wraps to cover their delivery or service vehicles in a specific colour or design, since branding a vehicle in company colours is free marketing. These vehicles prominently display the company’s logo and colours to promote brand recognition. The more time these vans spend on the road, the larger of an audience you will be able to reach.

Advantages of a Commercial Wrap

A commercial wrap personalizes your fleet and makes it stand out among the competition. With a high-quality truck wrap, you can gain visibility in the market, and impress your clients with your professional look.

Truck wrapping can also be used to advertise your brand and increase outreach to the public. This way, you won’t have to post ads or pay for advertisements. Your trucks will do that for you daily, all with an investment in a commercial wrap.

Moreover, commercial wraps can be used strategically to advertise on public buses. By using the exterior of the bus as a canvas, public buses can sport ads for upcoming movies, concerts, or charity events. However, these advertisements are temporary and limited to the specified time period of your advertising agreement, thus, they must be removed to make way for new ads. That’s where commercial wraps are advantageous, since they can be removed and replaced easily with a new one at just a small cost.

Commercial wraps also save your company a lot of money in the long run. Since the wrap can be removed, you can sell or buy fleet vehicles without worrying about repainting them – which costs significantly more than a commercial wrap. So, all you would have to do is get a new truck wrap in your company colours, and your fleet would be fit for service at a fraction of the cost.

Let your vehicle speak for your Company

If you are looking to get a corporate car wrap design or truck wrap, INKAS Design is Toronto’s leading team of experts. Our highly trained professionals have extensive experience to help you choose the right design and colour scheme in order to get the high-quality commercial wrap that your business needs.

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