Headlight Polishing

Headlight Restoration in Toronto

When you turn your headlights on bright, do they appear as bright as they should on dim? You may need a headlight restoration. Cloudy, foggy, yellowed headlights are dangerous and can impair your vision when driving at night. Keeping your headlights in good repair is vital for any vehicle to be driven safely after dark.

Headlines restoration is available as part of general vehicle maintenance or as a dedicated service.

How we do it

When you come to us with headlight restoration concerns, we will first assess the condition of your existing lights. We will then thoroughly wash and decontaminate them before using a rotary tool and a polishing compound to completely remove any signs of oxidation and yellowing.

Once we have done this, we can apply a PPF material to further protect your lenses from future oxidation, and prolong their longevity. 

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