Interior Restoration

Re-dying your leather interior

We did not stop at PPF and vinyl wraps, we went a step further. While protecting and styling your car on the outside, don’t forget about the comfort and appearance of the interior. Cracks in the leather, worn out steering wheel, scratches on the trim. Those and more issues can be taken care of at Inkas Design Interior Restoration service!

Our experts work very carefuly with an interior of a luxury automobile. We use water based, environmentally friendly (Pet & children safe) fillers, paint and coating materials. All our products are fast curing, so you can enjoy your restored interior.

Interior Restoration

Our Advantage

When performing a partial, localized re-dying (armrest, headrest, etc.). will be practically impossible to tell the difference between the original and the restored section. We match the dye precisely to your interior colour.

Save time and money. Re-upholstery of the whole seat takes over a week to complete and costs are extensively higher than repairing the existing damage. Re-dying and repairing takes just a day or two, and costs much less.

We can also re-dye the interior in completely different colour if our customer desires such a transformation. There are hundresd of colours to choose from. There is also a matte and glossy clearcoat applied to protect the dye.

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