Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film Experts in Toronto

Paint protection film Toronto (PPF) is a clear film that is applied to your vehicles painted surfaces that protects against stone chips, scratches and other environmental factors.

We can do PPF on anything from partial pieces of a vehicle to an entire vehicle top to bottom. Once the paint protection film is installed, the result will be a factory-like finish. Since we tuck all of the edges where possible, it is hard to tell that it is even on your vehicle.

The film has self-healing properties which allow small scratches, swirls and defects to be removed with heat. Road grime, bird droppings, bugs, and air pollution will never leave the film stained or yellow, unlike some lower quality alternatives.

Paint Protection Film Toronto

Car Paint Protection film Packages

Partial PPF

Partial Front PPF

Basic protection for your vehicle. Includes full front bumper, Headlights, Mirrors, Partial Hood, Partial Fenders.
Starting Cost: $800

Full Front PPF

Full Front PPF

Our most popular package. Includes full front bumper, headlights, mirrors, full hood, full fenders, door steps, rear bumper top edge, under door handles.
Starting Cost: $1500

Complete car 3M PPF

Entire Vehicle PPF

Full PPF coverage from top to bottom. Increases your vehicle’s resale value and cuts down washing and cleaning time.
Starting Cost: $4500


Paint Protection Materials

Life on the road can be rough for automotive paint. Every mile increases the risk of chips, scratches, stains, and more that can spoil your vehicle’s finish – and your day.

Paint Protection Film Toronto is your ultimate defense against damage. It’s a highly advanced, virtually invisible layer that improves the performance of your automotive paint, making it less vulnerable to rocks, road debris, winter salt, and sand. Whether you are a perfectionist, or just want to drive with peace of mind, a ten-year warranty, self-healing surface, and Hydrophobic technology make PPF an ideal investment for your vehicle. 

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Other Vunerable places of your vehicle

It’s very unfortunate, that paint protection, of at least the vulnerable spots, is not offered for these luxury cars from the very start. Literally, after just 2 months of driving those places are all scratched up, which is really painful to look at. They include:

  • Door sills
  • Under the Door Handles
  • Rear Bumper Edge

We recommend protecting your vehicle’s paint from the very start, right after it leaves the dealer lot!