Partial PPF

Paint Protection Film is a very valuable investment – saving your car from unwanted scratches and dents, and saving your wallet from future repair expenses.

Partial PPF is a great choice for protecting key areas of your vehicle at an affordable price.

Available areas to protect:

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What is PPF?

PPF is a thin, transparent film that is applied on top of your original car paint in order to protect it from damage. It is also used on other components such as the headlights or taillights for added protection. The film does not change the colour or appearance of your vehicle. So, your car looks the same, but it has an invisible protective shield all around it to defend against any scratches or dents.

Partial PPF

While it is recommended to get your entire car covered with paint protection film, you may not want to make the full investment. It is also usually better to do full PPF on a vehicle when it is brand new and every component is flawless and shiny. So, if you don’t want to make the full investment, yet want to protect your vehicle as much as possible, partial PPF protection is the best solution.

Partial PPF protection strategically targets the most damage-prone areas to safeguard your vehicle. Some of these include PPF protection on the car roof, hood, headlights and bumpers. The headlights are vulnerable to damage, so you want to get some stone chip protection for them by getting the headlight film. Similarly, the bumpers are also a key area that needs to be covered with a stone guard. Furthermore, the roof of your vehicle gets the most exposure to the sun’s UV rays, and thus, it is a key area that needs PPF.

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More and more vehicle owners are opting for the benefits of PPF in order to save on costly repairs in the future and increase the resale value of their vehicles. If your car needs the protection of a partial PPF application or full body paint protection, contact the INKAS Design team of experienced detailing professionals today.  

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