If you are thinking about professional PPF installer career or starting your own paint protection film business, then INKAS Design PPF Program is the right choice for you. Our 2-day PPF Training Program will give you the boost you need in the new career direction.

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Two full days filled with industry tips and tricks, hosted by Kiril from INKAS® Design.




3605 Weston Road, Toronto, ON M9L 1V7

Parking available on-site.



1. Vehicle Acceptance

2. Vehicle Preparation for PPF

3. PPF Material Preparation

4. PPF Application


The second day is focused on hands-on experience applying all the lessons that you have learned on the first day, under the guidance of a professional PPF installer. You will practice end-to-end PPF installation techniques, including both manual as well as plotter-guided cutting of PPF.

You will perform both pre-cut and hand-cut PPF installation on a hood, fender, lights, mirrors, bumper as well as other vehicle parts.

After the two-day immersive workshop, you will have sufficient knowledge and hands-on experience with PPF materials and services to enable you to begin your career as a PPF installer.

As a bonus, you will have direct access to our PPF experts for 6 months following your training for any consultations required.

In addition, you will receive several types of PPF materials for your own practice, as well as a complete set of tools for PPF installation, including spray bottles for soap and alcohol, two types of squeegees, and a cutting knife. As well as, a discount on your first purchase from INKAS® Design.



As with any career, this entirely depends on you. Successful paint protection film (PPF) installers working full-time easily earn $50,000/year in metropolitan areas like the GTA, with many earning much more than that. It depends on the installer’s skill level, motivation and the amount of work available in the given area/region.

With the proper training and experience, paint protection film becomes easy to apply (in most cases). However, even the most experienced installers may sometimes run into a project that has them scratching their heads. The beauty of PPF is that with every new model year, you will have new vehicles to work on, and sometimes new challenges will arise. This is all part of the fun – however in the end there is always a solution

Outside of North America, especially in parts of Europe – PPF is the norm. Meaning, there are more new cars on the road with some sort of PPF applied to them than not. As is the case with many European trends, North America is just 1 step behind. Here, the PPF industry is growing exponentially every year, however we’re still a few years behind Europe – meaning it’s a great time to get into the industry early and make a name for yourself. It will be harder later.

Can you become a concert pianist in two days? Probably not. But our two day training program will definitely set you in the right direction and develop skills, techniques and knowledge that would otherwise take you weeks, if not months, of self-learning to achieve. Look at it as a turbo boost.

Once you’ve completed our training program, you’ll be added to our pool of entry level installers, which means that we may call on you for projects as needed, pretty cool right? Even if we don’t call you for projects, or if you’re looking to open up your own paint protection film operation, you’ll have direct access to our professional paint protection film installers for 6 months for any questions, consultations or general advice to help you get going.

A full 2-day weekend of PPF training costs $2,000.00 + HST. Apply now to secure your spot in the next available session.

INKAS® Design's Response to COVID-19

Due to active public health measures, we have limited our training capacity. INKAS® takes all precautions in order to comply with recommendations from government and health officials.